Pure First Impressions Nursery Paint

Available in 1 litre recyclable. This high quality all natural plant based paint is designed specifically for nursery and children's rooms is the safest paint on the market. It is safe for the unborn baby when the mother is exposed to the paint. It can be used on walls, trim, cribs, nursery furniture and toys. This product meets international toy standards in quality and safety. 

  • Available in one gallon re-usable containers.
  • Double the coverage of other paints -  160 sq feet per can. with 6 mm / 10 mm roller single layer depending on surface
  • Dry time - one hour, recoat in 6 hours
  • 100% Ecological
  • No solvent, no co-solvent, no petroleum product derivative
  • Low energy consumption during manufacture (cold emulsion)
  • Toy standard EN 71.3
The health and wellbeing of unborn babies, newborns, toddlers and growing children is of the utmost important to all parents. You can provide your children with a much healthier environment and indoor air quality by using Pure Nursery Paint, unquestionably the safest paint in Canada. As new science emerges every year about the way household building products effect the development of children, using a truly safe product is the natural solution to reducing risk

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