Pure Paint Testimonials

I absolutely am in love with this paint and primer! It smells awesome and doesn’t seem loaded with chemicals like normal paint! I even painted it in my basement instead of our garage because I knew it wouldn’t be a strong smell, which was awesome. It went on smoothly and I love the colour.

Thank you so much again for this awesome paint, I can’t thank you enough. I will be recommending this paint to everyone I know from now on.

-Sidney Patton


I realized that petroleum-based paint effects my bees reproduction and honey production. I will never paint my hives with anything but Pure Natural Paint.

– Martin Bent

My family's indoor air quality is extremely important. Pure Paint is the only paint we use in our home.

– Marylin MacDonald

I care about the environment and that is one of the reasons that I make mason bee houses. I used to leave them unpainted, as I did not want to use toxic paints on the houses for fear it would hurt the bees I am trying to support. The problem with leaving the wood raw is that it rots quickly and does not look great. When I learned about Bee Safe Hive Paint by Pure Paint Labs, I was instantly interested in trying it. The paint goes on very well and only required one coat of paint. The smell is very mild compared to other commercial paints, and the colors are beautiful. I will be using this non-toxic paint to paint my birdhouses as well. Making homes for wild creatures is important to me, and it is even more important to me that I don’t harm them with toxins.

– Cheryl E.