How It Works

Pure Paint applies and dries like any other paint but with almost double the coverage and zero of the toxins. It is microporous which allows the substrate to breathe, preventing trapped moisture and rotting. With its pending carbon neutral certification and guarantee to respect your health and the health of the planet, it is the only choice for healthy homes and healthier spaces.

From coverage to clean up, the process is simple:

  • Step 1: Prepare

Shake the container well, stir, and pour only what you need into a tray or container. Make sure your surface is clean, dry, and primed.

  • Step 2: Apply

Apply paint using a 6mm (1/4”) or 10mm (3/8”) fabric/microfiber roller or fine bristle brush to a prepared surface. For a consistent finish, we recommend you cut and blend your corners and edges as you go. Smooth and blend any brush strokes with roller before they dry for an even and luxurious finish.

  • Step 3: Dispose

Once finished, clean up with soap and water and dispose of it as household waste. Leftover paint is compostable and containers are reusable/recyclable.

Information on Finishes

Primer: Providing the optimal base coat, we recommend you start all projects with a coat of Origins Primer.

With a completely shine-free finish, Matte withstands infrequent washing and is recommended for any room. Its thick and smooth application provides a luxurious finish.

Velour: With a rich finish that is easy to clean, Velour is recommended for high traffic areas.

Satin: With a silky finish, Satin is generally recommended for surfaces that require frequent cleaning or areas prone to dampness.




Coverage (1L)


Dry to touch



Walls, ceilings, woodwork - Supports: primers, old paint with primer touch-up, plaster, dry walling, heterogeneous porosity

wood and generally all non-homogeneous supports.

8 to 12 m²/L, 86 - 129 sq ft/litre

Pneumatic: 10%

Airless: 5%

Roller/Brush only if necessary: 5%


60 mins

4 to 6h at 23°C - 8 to 12h if t°< 20°C


Walls, ceilings in interior dry rooms. Supports: plaster, dry walls, Fermacell, wallpaper, glass fabric, etc.

13.5m²/L/coat, 145 sq ft/L/coat applied using 10 mm roller in single coat, 16m²/L/coat , 172 sq ft/L

using a 6mm roller in two coats.


With water: If necessary, 5% using a brush or roller as 1st coat. Airless: 5%, Paint station: depends on the equipment.

30 mins

6 to 8h at 20°C as 2-coat system


Walls, ceilings, interior doors and windows - Supports: plaster, drywalling, Fermacell, wallpaper, glass fabric, wood, etc.

14 m²/L/coat,

150 sq feet/L/coat (52.98 m²/gallon/coat, 567 sq ft/gallon/coat on dry smooth primed support(30/35μm)


Pneumatic: 10%, Airless: 5%, Roller/Brush only if necessary: 5%

120 mins

24h at 23°C - 36 at 48h if t°< 16°C


Kitchens, bathrooms, children’s rooms, door/window frames. Supports: plaster, drywalling, Fermacell, wallpaper, glass fabric, wood, etc. Use after a coat of Origins Primer

20m²/L/coat, 215 sq ft/litre/coat or, 75.6 m²/gallon/coat, 812.7 sq feet/gallon - using varnish or 6mm roller, 17m²/L, 182u sq f/L or 64 m²s or 688 sq ft /gallon using a 10mm (embossed aspect)


With water: if necessary 5% with a brush or a roller as 1st coat. Airless: 5%, Paint station: depends on the equipment.

70 mins

24h at 20°C - 36 at 48h if t°<16°C