Pure Paint Lab

About Pure Paint

"What is old is new again. A modern version of an ancient formula."

PURE Paint is a high quality, all natural paint based out of Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Have you ever wondered why there are examples throughout the world of paint that have lasted tens of thousands of years? Natural plant oils and minerals have the ability to stand the test of time.

Pure Paint is composed of non GMO plant and mineral ingredients and is biodegradable.

The company has spent over nine years in research and development of this high quality interior and exterior paint. We are offering an all natural paint that performs like a petroleum based latex or acrylic but, without any of the harmful ingredients. 

People are consistently looking for healthier and safer solutions in building material products, including paint. Pure Paint solves that problem with it’s all natural, non toxic, biodegradable interior and exterior paint products.

Our philosophy is simple, we do not have to sacrifice quality or ease of use in order to use better, healthier options in our homes and work spaces. We believe it is the responsibility of manufacturers to create quality products that respect the people that use them, and the environment.


Pure Paint is: